Frequently Ask Questions

What is Stockxray System?

• This system is an extraordinary TRADING TOOL to EARN Maximum Profits from the Equity, MCX & Forex Market.

• Trading through this system doesn't require any Technical knowledge of the   Market, any person can follow this system and Earn Huge Profit.

• This System is fully automated.

• It provides Auto Buy / Sell, Jackpot calls, Multibagger calls, BTST, STBT,   Positional calls etc with Alert sound & Messages.

• You get calls with signals, Alerts sound and Message.

Which Software is needed for Stockxray System ?

• You can use anyone of the following platforms in order to run stockxray system. ...

        1) Metastock

        2) Metatrader

        3) Advance Get

        4) Amibroker etc.

• Operating System XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.

NOTE : We don't sell any of the above platforms. We sell only our system ( Formula ) which we plugin / Install in any of the above platform of your choice. These platform has a free version (demo) which you can download it. It works perfectly well with our system. Please note: "we charge only for our System" ie. Our Formula.

How we get noticed about alert sound & messages of the System ?

• When any market is live, any buy/sell signals, Jackpot call, btst call, stbt call, blasting call & posiotinal calls. on your screen you listen sound and a message will flash at that point.

You have Manuals of Stockxray System ?

• Yes, we provide training and stockxray guide after purchasing our system.

In stockxray system what is the meaning of Goldenxray-5, POWERLINE, MSF, Stars (Blue, white, Black), SE, BE, J, P,B ?

• This all signals & (system tools) are the secrets of stockxray system so after you purchase this system , we will Explain  (TRAINING) you and will Enjoy the after.

What is the cost of Stockxray System ?

•Price Refer

• If you are using NSE (equity) data we provide free of cost because NSE(equity) data provide by yahoo. We arrange it.

Any other charges or fee to be paid for Stockxray System ?

• No other charges but, If you want NSE fut , MCX ,FOREX than you have purchase payable data from data provider.
(If you wish than we arrange it.)

How do I make the Payment ?

• Make a payment by

1) Cash Deposit

2) Cheque Deposit

3) Net transfer

Click here for payment

How will you install Stockxray system in our PC / Laptop ?

• Using remote controls access software like team viewer, AMMYY Admin

Can I use the Stockxray system in more than One Computer ?

• No, the software is designed to work with one login per one Computer. User has and option for two Computers package if needed. For more details contact our sales department.

Whether Stockxray Team can install demo on my Computer ?

• No, Its not possible to install the demo in your Computer. If required, We will share our computer screen through desktop sharing software like "Teamviewer & AMMYY Admin" to provide LIVE demo.

Whether I can trade all market Like NSE, MCX, FOREX, With this software ?

• Yes, Stockxray indicaters generates Auto buy sell signals for all the Market & all scripts.(NSE, MCX, FOREX).

Whether the Paid amount is Refundable?

• No. Amount once paid will not be refundable.

Can I trade in MCX/NSE & Forex by purchasing single software?

• Yes you can.

Can I avoid risk in trading by using Stockxray system ?

• Yes, using Stockxray system is risk free trading. This important strong tools useful for all segments & need of every trader even a small baby can also earn through this system.

How to contact your support team ?

• We are operating 24x7.

• You can reach us on:[email protected] OR
   Call Us on:

• +91-997-400-5700 (Hindi, English): 9am to 9pm

• +91-848-799-5033 (Hindi, English): 9am to 9pm

• Also You are Chat with following Yahoo Messengers ID

[email protected]

[email protected]

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* If you want payment details of following banks than please call us.

We Accept all Type of Payment Mode Cheque/Demand Draft/Money Order/Account Transfer/PayPal or Direct Cash Payment.

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